Our company

MAIN FOOD LINK is our own sales chanel of organic products splitting into whole sales and a frenchise network.

Our history starting 1978 in Germany and we have made many transitions from ecological efforts into health and from there consequently into food and information technology. Many times we had to shut down and it took almost 20 years until a "eco or organic market" reached awarness of the public.

Organic consumptions still evolves very slow, people tend to eat cheap foot and spend all savings 10 more times in drugs and pills fixing the damages of cheap food. Therefor we do approach only the "family of consciousness" which is aprox a 8% of all consumers worldwide.

The problem of slow growth is not the money. The problem is the commercial culture in which traders, brokers, sellers, supermarkets promoting the cheapest product possible, talking the consumer into povertry without being really poor and promoting this way a disguisting attitude which is killing farmers and healthy agriculture beside turning the humans in walking time bombs of diabetis, over weight, cancer and bad cholestorol.

We are making an end to this and constructing a european wide home delivery frenchise network to get pricings down and building up true relationships with our customers. We have tested this successfuly in Spain in 2015-17 and which is one of the most difficult markets we could have chosen. Still we attend large purchases from commercial entities with their own branding but do strictly seperate  between both.


Our transition:

BioPro Dr Ludwig Inc until 2015

MARKET Ltd until 2017

VitalVie Ltd since 2018

Our NGO in support to agriculture:

Family Associated (Spain)

OVO (South America)


Thank you


Horst G Ludwig, CEO